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Futtura LevelMaster LMII Cross Slope System
The Most Versatile, Efficient and Economical Slope Indicating System
LevelMaster Sensor
Futtura LM2-CM
LevelMasterII Sensor
Ideal for: Road Graders, Dozers and Box Blades

For graders and dozers, the LevelMaster monitors blade cross axis slope when grading roads, shoulders and embankments ensuring more accurate grade control.

LevelMaster displays and hydraulically controls the slope for graders, dozers, box blades and even drainage plows. It can be easily moved from your motor grader blade to your dozer.

The LevelMaster system was designed for use on the job site. The connectors are weatherproof and both the display and sensor box enclosures are rugged and weatherproof.


LevelMasterII on a grader
LevelMasterII on a dozer
Grading embankments, shoulders and roads with the LevelMaster LM2-CM

Here's How it Works:

  • Level the sensor to your blade
  • Dial the desired slope (e.g. 3.0%) into the control box
  • Simply follow the LED lights to your desired slope or in automatic mode, the LevelMaster controls the slope for you
  • Green light on display = desired slope
  • Easy to read
  • LCD display for easy setup and offset input
  • Indicates grade +3% to -3% @ 0.05% steps
  • Control grade +25% to -25% @ 0.50% steps
  • Rugged waterproof enclosures
  • Weather proof connections
  • Software adjustable sensor filtering & valve gains
  • 12/24vPT and PWM and Danfoss variable flow rate hydraulic output
  • Sensor box has electrolytic gravity sensors
  • 12v or 24vdc power operation
  • Calibrated mount included
  • LMII-C Display Box dimensions: 9" x 5" x 4" (L x H x W)

LevelMaster comes complete with installation instructions, all mounts and cables for easy installation.

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