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Futtura MP2 Magna Plumb Vertical Indicator

The world's only vertical tilt indicator system designed for the toughest jobsites. Magna Plumb 2 is the only magnetic vertical tilt indicator system deFuttura Magna Plumbsigned to allow backhoe, excavator and even dozer operators a fast and efficient method to position the booms to true vertical position.

Magna Plumb 2 indicates the vertical tilt angle of backhoes or excavator booms enabling the operator to repeatedly return the dipper arm to the vertically level position by using the highly visible LED display.


  • LED's visible from both front and side
  • Strong magnetic attachment
  • Level indication through 2°
  • 200 hours battery life (9V battery)


  • Levelling heavy equipment
  • Excavating
  • Bulldozing

Installation:Mp2 Application Image
To install the Magna Plumb 2, vertically level the dipper arm. Once levelled the MP2 can be stuck into place. With the unit powered on, adjust the unit until only the center bank of LED's is on. The unit in now calibrated and you are ready to go.

Once installed the unit has 3 readings:

  1. Over Extended
  2. Plumb
  3. Under Extended

When the elevation readings are being taken simply move the dipper arm so that the plumb LED's are flashing. The plumb readings ensure that all theelevations are correct and repeatable.

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