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We Proudly Sell The Following Layout Tools:
Futtura CL2P3 & CL1H1V Crossline Layout Lasers
Futtura CL2P3/CL1H1V
  The CL2P3 and CL1H1V series of lasers offer contractors a compact and fast way to find level, plumb, and the ability to transfer points at a fraction of the cost of other well know layout lasers.
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PLS2 Palm Laser
  The PLS 2 Palm Laser is a simple, easy solution for short and mid-range interior horizontal and vertical layout tasks. This compact, laser line tool is brighter than most rotary lasers at a fraction of the cost. Save time everyday in layout and installation.
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PLS3-Red Beam
  Projects three beams:  up and down to create a plumb up/plumb down reference, and horizontally to create a level reference. Includes wall bracket, floor base, pouch and operating manual.
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PLS3-Green Beam  
PLS Green Beam
  The PLS 3 Green Beam is the “go to” point to point laser for the commercial electrician, HVAC, drywall and staging contractor. Now increase the visibility and potential distance by 300% with our Green Beam PLS 3.
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The PLS 4 is a plumb, level, and square laser line tool with a combination of up and down points.

The PLS 4 comes with its own dedicated floor base and magnetic wall bracket. 

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Provides point-to-point alignment formation.  Five bright beams, allco-linear.  Smaller, more durable.  Simultaneous plumb, level and square.  Includes floor stand, magnetic wall bracket, pendulum layout target, carrying case, operating manual.

PLS5 System: 
Includes HVD laser detector andbracket for pendulum layout target.

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Self-leveling 90° layout tool.  Includes universal base-tripod adapter, carrying case, floor target and operating manual. Includes universal base-tripod adapter, carrying case, floor target and operating manual.
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PLS90 System:
  Includes PLS SLD laser detector.
PLS90 Kit:  Includes PLS SLD laser detector and tripod.

PLS FT90 Floor and Tile Square Layout
PLS FT90 on tile

Laser cross line squaring tool designed for tile-floor layout. Eliminate costly mistakes and compound errors by establishing 90 degree (square) floor layout with bright laser lines from the durable cast aluminum FT 90. The PLS FT 90 is simple to use with the push of only one button.
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PLS180-Red Beam  
  Laser line tool, self-leveling for plumb, level and square.  Includes magnetic wall bracket, pouch, operating manual and carrying case. Includes magnetic wall bracket, pouch, carrying case and operating manual.

PLS180 System:
  Includes PLS SLD laser detector.

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PLS180-Green Beam  
PLS180 Green Beam
  All the multipurpose benefits of our most popular PLS 180 with the added visibility boost of green beam technology. Designed to address the demanding interior installations at longer distances or interior projects with streaming sunlight.
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PLS 360  
PLS 360
  Fully self leveling, the PLS360 provides a continuous 360 degree line of reference. The PLS360 offers one button set up for indoor-outdoor applications. Unlike rotary lasers with sensitive moving parts, this compact, bright and durable tool has no complicated features or multiple knob adjustments. The PLS360 simplifies your work day with the press of a button.
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PLS HVL 100  
PLS HVL100 Kit


Ideal for laying out kitchen cabinets, bath or shower tile, wallpaper, electrical, and HVAC jobs. The fully self-leveling HVL 100 sets up easily and provides a 360 degree line of reference three times – horizontal and vertical with 90 degree layout. That means ceiling, walls and floor are all aligned with one easy-to-use tool and with the PLS SLD detector, its utility is enhanced for exterior layouts too.

Accurate to within an +/- 1/8 of an inch at 60 feet, and effective at up to a 100 feet, the HVL 100 is versatile and dependable for a variety of layout tasks.
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PLS HVR 505 R (Red Beam)  
  Fully automatic, self-leveling horizontal/vertical rotary laser. Includes detector, remote control, ceiling bracket, carrying case and operating manual.
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PLS505R Kit:
  Includes tripod and 16-foot grade rod.

PLS HVR 505 G (Green Beam)  

Brightgreen beam for interior layout.  Self leveling.  Maximum indoor visibility – vertical and horizontal.  Includes detector, remote control,ceiling bracket, carrying case and operating manual.
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PLS SLD Detector

PLS SLD Detector
  Use this exclusive PLS detector to capture the lines of the PLS 4, PLS 180, PLS 360, HVL 100 and PLS 90. 
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PLS 5 HVD Detector

PLS HVD Detector

Use this detector with the PLS pendulum layout target to capture reference points of the PLS 5 outside in bright sunlight. 
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For a complete list of PLS accessories, please contact our office.  
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