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Futtura Machine Control
We Proudly Sell The Following Machine Control Receivers:
Futtura CR5
Futtura CR5
  The most versatile laser receiver in the industry, the CR5 can be hand-held, rod or machine mounted.  
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Futtura CR5-RD (wired remote)
Futtura CR5-RD-25
  The most versatile, efficient and economical slope indicating system.
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Futtura CR5-WD5 (wireless remote)
Futtura CR5-WD5
  Enjoy the convenience of wireless technology!  Easy set up, no cables to worry about, ideal for any machine.
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Futtura MCR1w/ 2w/ 3w
Futtura MCR Receiver
  All MCRw Receivers feature 360° reception, green on-grade LEDs, selectable accuracy, output for automatics, waterproof design and heavy duty construction. Ideal for grading, trenching and excavating.
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Futtura MC2E
Futtura MCR2E
  The Futtura MC2E has grade LED's on front of receiver.  It is used with MCB and cable kit.
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