Futtura Construction Lasers

LT-850 Single Slope Laser

Futtura LT-850 Self-Leveling Single Slope Laser

The Futtura LT-850  is an affordable, automatic true self-leveling single slope laser. Rugged, reliable, and accurate, the LT-850 is designed for any level or sloped application such as:

  • Concrete forms and footers
  • Grading and excavating
  • Sloped concrete pours required for runoff
  • Parking garages and ramps
  • Site preparation and dirt grade
  • Drainage and ditch work

Futtura LT-850 Automatic True Self-Leveling Single Slope Laser is an Easy-to-use flat laser with LCD display for digital slope readout.

Standard package includes CR3 laser sensor and rod clamp.

Futtura LT-850 Specifications:

Range (Diameter): Up to 2,000 ft.* (700m)
Accuracy: ±10 arc seconds
Self-leveling Range: ±3°
Rotation Speed: 60, 300, 600, 750 RPM
Grade Range: -10% to 15%
Grade Increments: .01% from -2.5 to 2.5%
.05% from 2.5 to 15%
Grade Accuracy: +/- .01 to 2.5% = .01%
+/-2.5 to 15% = .08%
Laser Type: 635nm Visible, (Class 3a FDA)
(Class 3R IEC)
Battery Life Alkaline: Approx. 60 hrs
Battery Life NiCad: Approx. 40 hrs
Operating Temp: -4˚F to 122˚F (-20˚C to 50˚C)



  • Automatic self-leveling in level & slope mode
  • Height of instrument alert (HI alert)
  • Long 2,000 foot (700m) operating diameter
  • Machine control compatible
  • 635nm visible red beam
  • Optional recharge kit
  • Wide temperature range thermal compensation
Futtura LT-850 Self-Leveling Single Slope Laser

LT-800 General Construction Laser


Futtura LT-800 Automatic Rotating Laser

The Futtura LT-800 has a host of World-Leading features at an unbeatable price; it’s the perfect general construction laser for any contractor’s needs.

Once you see the LT-800 for yourself, you’ll know right away it’Futtura LT-800s the best value in general construction lasers today. With impressive technology and an affordable price, you’ll definitely want to put it to work for you!

Futtura LT-800 Specifications:

Range (diameter): Up to 2,000’ (700 m)*
Accuracy: ±10 arc seconds
Self-leveling Range: ±3 degrees
Rotation Speed: 600 rpm
Power: 4 “C” Alkaline Batteries
Battery Life: Approx. 60 hrs
Dimensions: 6.5”L x 7.1”W x 7.4”H
Weight: 4.1 lbs w/Batteries


  • Fully automatic self-leveling
  • Height of instrument alert (HI alert)
  • Long 500 feet operating radius
  • Machine control compatible
  • 20 arc second accuracy
  • 635nm visible red beam

Standard features include fast self-leveling and HI “laser disturbed” alert. The Standard package also includes CR3 laser sensor and rod clamp.

Futtura LT-800 General Construction Laser