Real Time Excavator Grade Control System

A grade control system simple to install, no cables, easy to move from a machine to another, always at the top of latest technologies.

How Does iDig Work?

Electronic angle sensors wirelessly communicate with each other and the control box to calculate the real-time position of the bucket teeth or cutting edge.

Product Advantages:

  • Designed and developed to enable easy Installation and calibration.
  • Eliminates wasted fuel and machine downtime waiting for a grade check.
  • Gives the operator the information right in the cab
  • Easily handles tough jobsite conditions
  • Compact, heavy duty, water and dirt proof
  • Solar charging means no extra work at day’s end
  • Radio communication means no cable breakage to worry about

iDig Works on ALL Excavators, Backhoes, Mini Excavators with a Wide Variety of Buckets. Use it for Footings, Foundations, Drainage, Trenches, Embankments, Tank Setting, etc.