David White LT8-300 LTU Optical Line Transit


The David White LT8-300LTU Line Transfer Unit with 360 degree telescope rotation allows you to see directly below the instrument for pipe laying applications.

This instrument allows you to measure horizontal angles to within 5 minute accuracy, but you cannot read or measure vertical angles. It is also ideal for vertical plumbing applications and running pipelines.


  • Circle Lock– Assures accuracy by preventing the horizontal circle from being moved accidentally
  • Solid three-piece standard- engineered to protect against dirt, damage and costly repairs.
  • Wide-stance ball bearing center assures smooth movement and superior alignment control.
  • Top-mounted vial is out in the open and easy to see.
  • Focus knob is easy to reach, no matter what angle you’re shooting.



  • 26-power magnification
  • ±3/16-in at 150-ft (4.75mm at 45m) leveling accuracy
  • Up to 400-ft (120m) range
  • Horizontal circle, lock and tangent
  • Vertical arc, lock and tangent
  • 1:100 stadia with glass reticle
  • Weight (Instrument Only): 9.5 lb (4.31 kg)


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