Portable Power Box



External Power Source for GPS Base Stations

Futtura finally brings a small, lightweight, and portable 12V battery in a box, that works with all GPS systems no matter the manufacturer.

Not only does everything fit in the box, but there is no need to open the unit to get to the battery. Just plug into the side and you are ready to go. It runs base stations with high power radios for an average of 16 hours. When you are done for the day simply open the box and get out the wall charger and plug it into the same port and charge it up for the next day.

The rugged pelican case is only 9 X 7.5 X 4 inches and weighs only 3.7 lbs. It is small enough to fit into a backpack or carry it with the built in handle.

Futtura made this unit clean, quick, and easy.


  • Rugged carry case
  • 12v power output
  • Average 16-hour run time
  • Works with all manufacturers units
  • Includes 110/220 Volt AC wall charger
  • No need for repeated battery changes on the base station throughout the day


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