Topcon LS-80X Receiver


The LS-80 features an audible on-grade alarm, 11 levels of on-grade indication, laser power indicator, and HI alert, all displayed on a high contrast LCD. The LS-80 also comes with Topcon’s Sensor Holder 6, perfect for attaching the sensor securely to just about any grade rod, square or round.  The LS-80L has segmented arrows giving millimetre settings of 5mm, 10mm and 15mm individual levels of grade, an auto shut off after 30 minutes and a fine accuracy of 1mm. This handy tool also communicates with the laser, giving the operator low battery and height alert warnings reducing potential errors and rework. The sensor also features displays on the front and rear.

Topcon laser receivers allow a single crew member to quickly and accurately finish any job — from sub-base leveling to concrete finishing.


  •  Two way communication
  • Height alert and laser battery status
  • 5 levels of LCD display precision
  • Extended battery life


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