Introducing Futtura® iDig

Real Time Grade Control System

Dallas, TX – December 1, 2022 – Futtura Tools & Technology® is proud announce iDig is now part of the Futtura Family.   Our new Futtura® iDig Real Time Grade Control System is an ideal tool for excavators.  Contractors working with applications such as Excavations, Foundations, Trenches, Slopes, Embankments, Paring Lots, Pools, and more will get the depth, the slop or the distance with a 3/8” accuracy without the need of getting out of the cab.

Futtura® iDig is simple to install, with no cables, making it easy to move from machine to machine.  It is the most cost effective solution and is packed with industry leading technology.  From compact excavators to dozers and mining machines, the system offers precision and reliability at an Affordable Price. 

Futtura® iDig gives you affordable bucket position indication for all excavating equipment with 3 easy steps:

1.      Put the bucket teeth on the reference point.

2.      Enter your desired depth, slope or distance into the control box.

3.      Follow the LED Indications…It’s that simple!


How Does iDig Work?

Electronic angle sensors wirelessly communicate with each other and the control box to calculate the real-time position of the bucket teeth or cutting edge.

Product Advantages:

·         Designed and developed to enable easy Installation and calibration.

·         Eliminates wasted fuel and machine downtime waiting for a grade check.

·         Gives the operator the information right in the cab

·         Easily handles tough jobsite conditions

·         Compact, heavy duty, water and dirt proof

·         Solar charging means no extra work at day’s end

·         Radio communication means no cable breakage to worry about


INTEQ Distributors is our exclusive US distribution partner of Futtura Tools & Technology® products.


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Futtura Tools & Technology® began operations in Dallas, Texas in 1999.  The goal was to distribute high quality laser and optical survey equipment to dealers across the United States.  Today the Futtura brand stands as a high-quality brand of laser and 2D machine control systems.  And, now offers a full line of 2D and 3D Grade Control Technology Solutions for contractors of all sizes. We strive to offer exceptional customer service and are committed to meeting our customer’s needs for quality products delivered at a profit generating cost.  A core value of ours is to do more than is expected.  We mean what we say and will do what we say. 

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