Toro Corporation Names Inteq Distributors as Field Pro 6040® Laser Leveling System Provider

DALLAS, TX –January 13, 2023 – Inteq Distributors was recently named the Laser Level System provider for Toro’s Field Pro® 6040 Infield Groomer.  Inteq Distributors will supply its industry leading Futtura EG1-M Automatic Grade Control System to Toro’s North American Dealer network.  INTEQ Distributors is the exclusive US distributor for Futtura Tools & Technology® products.  The introduction of these products creates an exciting new opportunity for Toro dealers in the Sports Field Markets.

Inteq will partner directly with Toro’s dealers by providing a fully integrated, grading solution for Toro’s Field Pro® 6040 in-field groomer.  Toro dealers can now access Futtura’s EG1-M technology offering, taking the Toro Machine to a Grade Above other industry in-field grooming options.  Futtura’s Laser Level Receiver System is easily mounted to the Field Pro® 6040 providing precise leveling and grade for optimal field playing conditions.

“Our goal for Toro is to make the partnership as simple as possible,” said Mr. Drew Williams, Inteq’s General Manager.  “We want to provide the greatest opportunity for a successful business relationship.  Each of our territory managers will have a vested interest in making sure the relationships with the Toro dealers in their territory is good and growing.  A training and support program will be established with each individual dealer to custom fit their teams and product needs.”

This new partnership with Toro will significantly expand Inteq’s distribution channel.  Toro builds world class innovative solutions for the outdoor environment: including turf maintenance, snow and ice management, landscape, rental and specialty construction equipment, and irrigation and outdoor lighting solutions.

Futtura’s EG1-M is an Easy, Versatile and Convenient solution, offering high end Machine Control at a low end cost. The EG1 Laser Grade Control System provides accurate grading results in less time with less labor. With cutting edge features, the EG1-M will put the operator in the driver’s seat.

For more information about Inteq Distributors, please visit our website at:  And check out INTEQ’s newly updated dealer portal.

For more information about Futtura Tools and Technology®, please visit the Futtura® website at:

About Toro’s Field Pro® 6040:

The Field Pro® 6040 is a specially designed infield groomer that will efficiently and reliably renovate, maintain, and perfect baseball and softball infields.  This workhorse features efficient operation with the innovative MultiTool™, ergonomic operator comfort, and incredible versatility in attachment options. The dedicated platform produces a consistent, superior infield playing surface regardless of starting conditions. Precision engineering means precise results. With the Field Pro® 6040, it’s game on.

Consistent Results – The rugged chassis, commercial-grade components, and wide range of attachments produce major league playing surfaces for your home field.

More Efficient – Four tools can be carried at once, dramatically reducing time spent preparing infields while allowing the operator to scarify, grade and drag smooth in a single pass.

Increased Versatility – Dozens of Toro Sand Pro®, Bullseye™ and third-party attachments easily make the Field Pro® 6040 the go-to, start-to-finish ball field maintenance machine. Attachment options include: laser level system, drag mats, grooming brooms, tooth rakes and much more.

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